Human Error Causes a High Proportion of Data Breaches

The saying ‘people are your greatest asset’ is actually far from the truth, according to a number of reports released recently. Yes, people bring skills and knowledge to an organization, but they also bring human error, which according to these reports, is the root cause of most data breaches. This revelation will surprise most, due to cyber security such as malicious hacking being a well talked about threat in the media.

The most common human incidents include loss or theft of paperwork, data being left in an insecure location, as well as confidential data being emailed to incorrect recipients.

While organizations invest in tracking online security, including monitoring employees emails to mitigate against cyber attacks, print security is often ignored. This undoubtedly needs to change.

Encouraging customers to invest in a pull print solution which has the ability to create print policies to monitor, or even stop, certain material from being printed, is key in order to reduce the chances of human error being the cause of a security breach.

Provide your customers with this leaflet, to educate them on the best ways to protect their print fleet.

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