More Sales, Greater Service VIDEO

There is NO Greater skill to be a person of influence than your ability to build value. Whether you are providing solutions in sales or service or want that skilled edge to be influential then join us for a lunchtime webinar with Michael Hoffman completely sponsored by Chris Polek of Polek and Polek!

This program is a communications seminar that Michael Hoffman gives around the country as one of the top communication trainers.

He has worked with what has been called the 1%ers of sales and service: the best of the best and the number ONE area that separates great companies reputations, great sales numbers and service experts that stand out from the rest is their ability to BUILD VALUE! In this webinar Michael will boil down to the handful of tips and techniques that make him one of the most used and sought after trainers for the last 20 years.

You’ll learn:

What to listen for that will give focus to your solutions Identify the biggest mistakes most professionals fall into… especially veterans, when trying to build value

The secrets of logic and emotion How to use their words to close more sales and solve more problems

Tips on what to listen for and how to know when you have enough

Systems on how to focus your conversation to maximize your time

And so much more!

You’ll also get a dose of Michael’s delivery that’s fun, fast, and impactful. Your heart will be ignited and your head will be on fire to use the ideas, tips and techniques from this session.

DO NOT MISS THIS. sign up by clicking here:…

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