NT-ware Is The Canon Dealer’s One-Stop-Shop for Print & Scan Management!

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In today’s print management landscape, the disrupting innovation in the market has forced companies to utilize many different brands and models of printers, according to their requirements.

Managing all of the printer drivers supporting different operating systems and coordinating services with multiple vendors is a challenging proposition. Besides, each company has disparate solutions for printing, scanning, and printing management, making the print workflow more complicated.

Karsten Huster

To simplify and streamline the output and print environment, Karsten Huster, established NT-ware, with a unique vision to provide a one-stop-shop platform for all the printing, scanning and copying needs. “With this approach, we rarely have to say no to customer demands as long as it is regarding documents,” says Huster, founder and CEO of NT-ware (developer of uniFLOW).

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