Energy Intelligence; More Than a Slogan

Beyond Power Protection

Energy Intelligence is more than a slogan—it’s a view that permeates our business, one that says “power management and protection matter.” Why? Because companies who utilize power management and protection experience increased productivity and profitability. It’s this view that goes into each power protection and energy managing device we manufacture.


Our company has engineered customized solutions to help you control and manage power quality disturbances that can disrupt machine performance. Specially designed for service teams and technicians, our innovative state-of-the-art Next Gen PCS technology can give you the control to monitor, graph, download/upload, diagnose, and eliminate incidents with the click of a mouse–both on and off site. In addition, our SurgeX IP web enabled intelligence help professional integrators and residential technicians manage their power distribution and customize power thresholds over the web.


Equipment needs and environments can vary. That’s why our diagnostic software enables technicians to customize and set protection settings to connected equipment. Through ESP/SurgeX technology you can control over/under voltage shutdown thresholds and adjust settings for sensitive equipment or stressful environments.


Our sophisticated solutions are more than just power filters. Thanks to our new ESP/SurgeX microprocessor-controlled technology, we can help you pre-diagnose and manage power related service calls–before they are dispatched, which can drive the efficiency of your business and save you money.

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