Best Practices for Hiring Your First Marketing Resource

By McNall Mason – Your business is growing steadily to the point that you can finally hire a fulltime marketing person. Congratulations, it’s a big step and not one to take lightly – especially considering the average cost of acquiring a new employee is just over $4000.00 and takes 42-days on average. [1]

Unless you have strong marketing acumen, knowing what type of marketing candidate is most likely to succeed is tricky. Of course, placing the ad is easy, but it’s the knowing what to look for and vetting potential candidates that matters.

Read on to learn four things to look for when hiring your first marketing resource:

  1. Don’t ask for too many skills.
    It’s tempting to hope someone with expertise in SEO can tweak your website and create graphics, or that an engaging social media post writer will also be skilled at copy or blog writing. Be careful what you ask for. Most small businesses hiring their first marketing person don’t have the budget to afford the type of marketer who spans the entire integrated marketing landscape, especially at an expert level. More importantly, good, solid marketing candidates will most likely shy away from job descriptions that have too many requirements for skills they haven’t yet mastered.

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