Don’t worry if you don’t improve Everyone gets a Trophy!

By Ray Stasieczko – Well the Baby Boomers will understand and appreciate my sarcastic title. Ok, I guess everyone getting a trophy in elementary school is another article. However, most business owners would have to agree giving out show up Trophies is well idiotic. Those who simply show up get a paycheck.

Recently a marketing company disguised as a publishing company asked me this question. “Would you like to be recognized as a bestselling author?” My response was how much do I have to pay you for the recognition. Anytime a marketing company offers you an award or recognition based on how much you pay them it’s time to run.

Today it seems that some consultants are getting into the marketing business, the pay me, and I’ll tell people how great you are. Their subliminal sales pitch is this “No need to EARN a trophy I’ll sell you one.” Their message is simple even if you are mediocre don’t worry because everyone gets a Trophy. Businesses must insist that all their Awards or Trophies are EARNED.  

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