What is Seat Based Billing (SBB)?

In this industry, as in most, people are always looking for the new way of doing things. For businesses, Managed Print Services (MPS) gives them a way to optimize their devices and save both time and money. The traditional way to bill for the services has become a commodity. So is there a new way?

The answer is there is always a new way. In the world of print services, it’s called Seat Based Billing (SBB). It’s not a replacement for CPP, but more like a different perspective on the base concept and that will be an improvement for some companies. Consider some of the virtues of Seat Based Billing.

What is SBB?

Let’s start with a basic definition. Seat Based Billing means you bill customers a flat fee each month for their print services per user. That one fee covers all their print-enabled devices including:

  • Locally connected printers
  • Desktop printers
  • Multifunction devices
  • Fax machines

It also includes consumable print supplies like toner cartridges along with service, replacement parts and software. One flat fee does it all just one person at a time. It’s an approach that changes the traditional MPS billing strategy.


The critical difference between SBB and CPC (Cost per Click) or CPI (Cost per Image) is the billing format. MPS typically bills based on cost per image.

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