A Message from Mark at IBPI

The Taylor Business Group Big BIG in Ft. Lauderdale was a huge success!!  Congrats to the fine folks over at Taylor for putting on such a great show.  Several IBPI Members were there to check out their offerings.  If you are providing Managed Services at your company, you should speak with Taylor Business Group.

A couple of days before the meeting, Jean Stutes and I visited some IBPI Members in the area and we also held an IBPI Board Meeting at the same hotel as the Taylor event.

Mark Grice, IBPI

You will be receiving our annual Call for Volunteers in the mail very soon.  This is your opportunity to nominate a member for the IBPI Board of Directors.  We will have 3 spots to fill for the terms beginning in 2019.


2019 Regional and Annual IBPI Meeting Dates are Set!