Office Equipment Leasing vs. Cash Purchase: What Factors Should Your Customers Be Considering?

by Josie Heskje, GreatAmerica – As a dealer of office equipment, you understand that nothing in business is static. Industries change, the needs of your customers evolve, and you may experience some staff growth and/or turnover within your teams internally. When it comes time to sell office equipment or services, it’s important to remember that not everyone may have the same level of clarity on the options at their disposal.

Most office equipment dealers will agree that a majority of their customers are already familiar with the concept of financing or leasing office equipment. They’ve been leasing printers or copiers for years, in fact! But the industry is now feeling a demand for new ancillary services like document management or managed IT. Many of your customers may not consider that these services can be financed just like their copiers are. The same can be said for your new, or even existing sale reps. Do they fully understand the benefits of offering a monthly payment to their customers?

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