Why Web to Print May or May Not Enhance Your Value and Customer’s Experience

By Howie Fenton for Rochester Software Associates – This is the first of a two-part series that talks about the role of Web to print in customer satisfaction and your customer’s perception of value. Anyone not offering Web to print should realize that Web to print software can not only increase productivity, reduce manufacturing costs and reduce customer complaints, but it can also enhance or detract from your customer’s perception of value or to use the new buzzword, your “customer’s experience.”

In the latest research from Keypoint Intelligence / InfoTrends (Winning in an Evolving Print Services Market, 2018) in-plant adoption of Web to print technology has outpaced commercial printers by almost 10 percent. When respondents were asked “Do you use any of the following software products?” 58% of in-plants responded yes compared to 49% of commercial printers.

Xperience Pyramid by Andre Wiringa, from his book Reverse

The problem, however is that just adding Web to print does not guarantee that you will enhance your customer’s experience. All too often we see Web to print implementations that reduce customer satisfaction because they don’t work well. Among the possible problems are: it is a home-grown system that is difficult and cumbersome to use, it is still in the unopened box, customers may never have been trained how to use it, it lacks critical functionality such as estimates, ordering or file submission, and finally, only a few customers are using it.

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