Game-changing speed. No moving parts. 5,000 patents.

One Printhead. 70,400 jets. 700 million drops of ink.


Game-changing speed. No moving parts. 5,000 patents. The Memjet printhead delivers stunning edge-to-edge color documents at prices eight times lower than most black and whites.

Memjet's exclusive printer head includes over 70,000 jets.

Faster than fast

Instead of a printhead that moves back and forth, our patented Waterfall Printhead Technology® seamlessly lays down 700 million color ink drops per second.

Affordable & efficient

Combine our revolutionary Memjet printhead technology and software with our specially-formulated inks, and you’re creating edge-to-edge color prints and labels while using less ink and energy.


The versatile Memjet printhead can be configured for multiple applications. Use one in an office printer for super fast color documents. Stack three in a row for incredibly rich labels on-demand. Align them side-by-side in a wide format printer for dynamic larger outputs.

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