Samsung Printing and Semprevon-Lux Provide Top Gear Document Management Solution for Trento Auto Dealership

The Meet the Partners series features stories from various Samsung Printing partners, including dealers and developers. The series shows how Samsung Printing collaborates with its global and local partners to deliver printing products and technology that embody its three core values: Smart, Fast and Reliable.

Modern business owners realize that enterprise longevity – and growth – necessitates continuous technological upgrades. But when a company with diverse document archive requirements decides to go digital, the process can sometimes be arduous.

In the case of Franceschi, an Italian car dealer, the need to digitize became pressing. The company was founded as a small garage in the late 1950s and has steadily grown into what it is today: one of the most significant Opel, FCA and Chevrolet dealerships in Trento, Italy – as well as a leading local name in auto inspection, car parts and accessories.

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