IT Pros – This checklist is for you!

Today’s headlines are lled with news of cyber-attacks, designed to leverage any vulnerability, whether they be human or technical.

Today’s intelligent MFPs and printers have evolved to touch various types of business communications, network and data storage services.

Failing to protect MFPs and printers may result in serious damage to a company. The following checklist is designed to help achieve optimum security around your Sharp MFP:

Checklist to ensure optimal threat mitigation at the MFP:

üAccess Control & Password Management

▶ Implement secure user access control (Active Directory® or LDAP user authentication).

▶ Ensure that users are assigned to properly con gured authority groups.

▶ Disable unused device functions.

▶ Limit users who have administrator’s rights.

▶ Apply more complex administrator password rules.

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