Growing with Office Printers– Two Perspectives from New Xerox Channel Partners

By Andy Hill – If you were a successful IT reseller, and you wanted to grow your business, would you consider adding office printer hardware to your portfolio?

What if you sold light production printer equipment? Would selling the humble office printer be the next step in your growth strategy?

Perhaps at first you might need a fair amount of convincing. At Xerox, we’d ask you to consider this…

Not Just a Printer or MFP – a Workplace Assistant

Innovation continues to drive behavioral changes in today’s workplace. Documents are stored, retrieved, shared and printed, to – and – from the cloud, using apps that work the way today’s workforce expects. It is an exciting time to be part of today’s office printing evolution as we pinch, swipe, tap and speak to our printers and MFPs – not just our smartphones and tablets.

So is it such a surprise that two of our newest channel partners saw office printers and MFPs as a growth opportunity for their business?

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