How Automated Scan Workflows Use the MFD to Offer

It used to be that email was the tool of choice for collaborating on documents. Organizations are now moving to electronic management systems, document management systems and other types of file sharing applications, even cloud-based ones. But much of the world still runs on paper.

As a solutions provider, automated scan workflows offer a new tool in your toolbox to help organizations get more value out of their multifunction device (MFD).

In this white paper, Y Soft explains how automated scan workflows use the MFD to offer task specific workflows to transform paper into digital processes.

The white paper also offers best practices and tips on what to look for in an automated scan workflow solution and describes the features in YSoft SafeQ that address customer’s needs. How easy is it to create automated workflows? The white paper addresses that too. Spoiler alert: it’s easy.

Get a copy of the YSoft SafeQ Automated Scan Workflows white paper.

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