Continuum Navigate 2018 From IBPI’s Perspective!

By Mark Grice, IBPI – What a great week in Boston! The weather was not perfect, but the Continuum Navigate event was one of the best events I have ever attended. As you know, IBPI has added 2 new Partners this year: Taylor Business Group and Continuum, Both of these Partners are in the Managed Services space. Members, if you do not read anything else in this post beyond these next few words, please read this:

All IBPI Members need to be in the Managed Services space.

There are some folks in our industry that discourage dealers from getting involved in Managed Services. There are some dealers who have tried and failed. But IBPI has set you up with 2 great Partners that will allow you have have a very profitable Managed Services Offering!

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Oct. Message From Mark At IBPI