Negative Customer Feedback Doesn’t Have to be Scary!

By Anna Buehler – As a finance company, interacting with customers is the forefront of our business, and having a good customer experience is the quintessential to our success. We work hard to serve our customers and our dealer’s customers with the best customer service, but we have to admit, we do still encounter some customer complaints.

Guess what? That’s a good thing. Customer feedback, good and bad, helps an organization discover their differentiators and their areas of development. I recently spent a little time with Jill Hockaday, a leader for our Account Support function at GreatAmerica and she shared insights on how to best mitigate customer concerns and how to use those experiences to grow your business.

Tell me a little about you. What is your role at GreatAmerica and how long have you been part of the team?

Jill: I am an Account Support Leader. The Account Support function is the front-line for our Dealers and Lessee’s when they have agreement or invoices requests. I’ve been in this role for 2 years and have been with GreatAmerica for 10.

What advice do you give your new team members as they field customer’s experiencing a challenge?

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