View of the In-plant’s Value and Benefits Depends on Level of the Person and the Effect of Certain Factors

In our last post, we talked about the right and wrong language to use with in-plants. We learned that what is important to the plant manager is not always what is important to their boss (the C-Level executive). While the plant manager is often consumed by day-to-day production concerns (quality, on-time delivery, customer satisfaction), the C-Level executive is typically more focused on the financials. In this blog, we will talk about how the value and benefit of the in-plant is different for the manager and the executive and the effect of internal and external factors.

The benefit of the in-plant to the managers is that it provides jobs for them and their staff. In addition, since they had a hand in building it and they have relationships with staff and customers, it provides a sense of pride for them. The value proposition for them is that the in-plant provides a convenient, fast service and that meets their customers’ needs.

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In-plant manager VS Administration View of the In-plant Benefits & Value Proposition