VIDEO: Workflow Flossing Panel Highlights

Reducing or keeping costs low is a top priority for in-plants, yet for many, working on workflow is a lot like going to the dentist. At a Print 18 session a panel of three top In-plant print centers in healthcare, government and higher education share their perspective and when and how they work on workflow.

Hear how they’ve overcome hurdles, the processes they use to improve workflow and their advice for other in-plants.

Watch the two- minute highlight video, or watch all of the short videos to learn:

  • More about the operations of these top printers
  • When the panelists work on workflow (their answers may surprise you)
  • How they’ve overcome hurdles and
  • The processes they use to improve workflow and their advice.

Be sure to watch the 47 second bonus video for resources to share with customers or use yourself.

Brush up and keep smiling!

Three Hacks That Will Make Your Customers’ Production Print Workflow More Efficient