Linkz and Rods and Cones partner to introduce a DIY Connected Print platform, opening the door from print to Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality on mobiles.

SANTA CRUZ, CA – October 5, 2017 — Linkz, a UK-based connected print management platform, and Rods and Cones, a California-based workflow and digital publishing consultancy, partner to promote Linkz’s innovative digitally connected print platform in the United States.
Linkz’s platform enables brands to easily connect their print and packaging to digital content, like how-to videos or Augmented Reality or Virtual Reality games. Custom portals offer a do-it-yourself solution to digitally watermark images which, when scanned, give users access to additional content on their phones. The portal also allows the user to create and link to QR codes and enhance existing EAN barcodes. Analytics, content management, and testing are included in this unique, easy-to-use, affordable solution.

As consumers use smartphones to engage with the world around them, Linkz delivers them relevant customized content. Simply by scanning a label, packaging or catalogue page, consumers gain easy access to relevant information – enhancing their experience of the product and making it easier for marketers to engage with them. By using invisible watermarks as well as barcodes and QR codes, Linkz can be used on almost any image or medium to link consumers from the tangible product to customized digital content,” says Nathalie Muller, CEO of Linkz.
Muller adds: “Rods and Cones is the ideal partner to help us export our solution to the US. They understand our solution very well and we were impressed with their use of connected print in their latest issue of Out of Chaos Magazine.”
We have looked for a partner to connect print to digital for a while now,” says Erica Aitken, president of Rods and Cones “Connected print represents a huge opportunity for brand owners and publishers on one end, and agencies and printers on the other. We want to offer a solution that is sophisticated, mature, and easy to use. Linkz is the perfect partner.”
Rods and Cones demonstrated that a printed copy of a magazine can be as rich in content as its digital counterpart. The Spring 2017 issue of Out of Chaos (available here)–> was printed with e

nhanced images that, when scanned, displayed movies, websites, and other additional information. Out of Chaos is an award-winning magazine, currently finalist for three FOLIO awards, including Use of VR/AR.

Both Muller and Aitken see brand managers as the most likely to reap great benefits from digitally connecting their packaging. “Connected packaging fosters consumer engagement and education,” says Muller, “and a judicious marketing strategy will exceed expectations.”
Everyone is a winner. Agencies and printers will offer print-to-digital services via their Linkz portal, while brand owners and publishers benefit from higher customer engagement and loyalty,” adds Aitken.
The net result of their partnership is the availability in the US of a compelling solution for the emerging use of digitally connected print.
About Linkz:
Linkz has been offering its connected print platform since 2012, helping brands, publishers, event organisers, charities to bring their print to life. As scanning is becoming so easy for consumers (with QR readers embedded on smartphone cameras) Linkz aims to make it simple for brands to connect print to digital content and keep their customers engaged. The technology can also be used for product authentication or personalised video greetings. Linkz loves to help clients discover what print-to-digital solution works best for them
About Rods and Cones:
Rods and Cones, Inc., color management experts since 1996, is on the cutting edge of workflow architecture. They thrive in finding new ways to approach work in the graphic and printing industries, by integrating technology with the most precious asset of all, people. Whether in need of replacing a small piece of the workflow, fix a weak spot in the link, or evaluate, develop and implement a complete new workflow solution, over 700 customers have turned to Rods and Cones for the most innovative and customized approach.

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