The Data Spa to Help Office Technology and Graphic Services Companies Compete with Data Newest venture from Jeff Hayes former President of InfoTrends

Norwell, MA – October 4, 2018 – Jeff Hayes, the co-founder and former President of InfoTrends (now Keypoint Intelligence), has launched The Data Spa, a data services agency providing data strategy, infrastructure, and implementation services.
“Companies operate in a data-driven economy. In every industry and in every business process, there is more data than ever,” commented Hayes. “I launched The Data Spa to help companies harness their numerous sources of data and create modern business intelligence platforms for deep insights into their operations, markets, and customers.”
Many companies are running loosely connected business systems (ERP, CRM, marketing, production, etc.) that are feeding a thicket of “spreadmarts” providing backward looking descriptive reports. Executives and managers struggle to quickly identify causal effects and have limited ability to segment and analyze their data at a granular enough level for appropriate actions.
“Industry leaders and laggards are often separated by how effectively they gather, manage, analyze, and apply data throughout their operations and customer base,” explained Hayes. “I am interested in helping companies become more competitive through data-driven insights.”
The Data Spa is initially focusing on the office technology and graphic communications industries which are going through a significant transformation as work processes evolve and consolidation occurs. Hayes brings over 25 years of experience starting and leading one of the largest analyst firms for these industries. He has worked with a cross section of leading OEMs, ISVs, and channel partners on business strategy and market analysis.
Through its staff and strategic partners, The Data Spa is offering a suite of workshops, professional services, and tools to vendors, service providers (MSPs, PSPs), and their distributors (dealers, resellers) including:
  • Data strategy and initiative development
  • Infrastructure planning and data governance
  • Data collection and management
  • Analytics and visualization
  • Training and implementation
The Data Spa can work directly with clients on custom engagements or as a professional services partner as part of a vendor’s dealer and customer support program.

For more information on how The Data Spa can help your organization compete with data, visit our website at or contact us at

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