Automate Document Workflows from the MFP

Reform LinkOffice processes such as document archiving, emailing, and faxing are necessary to the internal organization of most businesses. They are tasks that cannot be ignored and are notorious for sapping away individual productivity as a result of being inherently time-consuming. For this reason, software that is capable of taking these multi-step processes and turning them into quicker, standardized procedures is of great benefit to any document-driven business.

Accuracy and efficiency tend to suffer when document workflows are prolonged and rooted in manual processing. With these issues in mind, we have created three separate connectors for archiving, emailing, and faxing, which will maximize the potential of your network multi-function devices (MFD’s) and make these office tasks less tedious and much faster.

Do It All From A Multi-Function Device – The simplest solutions tend to be the most powerful. Handle your basic archiving, emailing, faxing tasks from one place and in a short amount of time with our connectors. Approach your nearest multi-function device, scan in your documents, index them appropriately, and route them to their correct destination.

Advanced Print Driver – Our advanced print driver technology allows users to route documents from the convenience of their desktop computers to specific archive folders, email addresses, or fax numbers from their Windows application. Whether printed material is captured with a desktop scanner or pulled up electronically within a Windows application, a desktop user can route documents within seconds. Take it a step further and route documents to multiple places, simultaneously—modifications can be made to include an end-user’s routing preferences.

Automatic Form Population & Routing – Line of business data can be read by our VDP software and then intelligently used to populate certain sections of a company document. Now, this business-ready document is automatically sent to an archive, email, or fax destination, fully indexed with the appropriate information.

As you can see, manual data entry, and manual routing were completely phased out of the picture, and replaced with high efficiency, workflow automation technology. By eliminating the possibility of data entry errors, and delivering documents to the right locations through our email, fax, and archive connectors, businesses will experience greater document processing speeds and boosted work productivity.

Ultimately, workflow automation is all about removing unnecessary steps from your document processes and enhancing those that are left. There should be no need to overhaul an entire IT system to refine a couple of document processes. We specialize in the injection of workflow software into business structures without disrupting pre-existing solutions.

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