Benefits of Auto Toner Fulfillment, from Axess Auto Toner Fulfillment (ATF) by Clover

Automate toner fulfillment, eliminating manual ordering and tracking for MPS

  • Automatic ordering, shipping, and delivery of toner saves customers money by eliminating “rush” or overnight orders
  • No ordering errors; customers receive the right consumables every time
  • ATF software is fully integrated with our hosting Axess MPS remote monitoring platforms, PrintFleet® and FMAudit®, or we can pair ATF with your own RMS server
  • Simplifies and streamlines the supplies ordering process
  • Just-in-time ordering enables better use of working capital and enables customers to reduce their supply inventory
  • Eliminates the complexity of MPS device location movement
  • Increases profitability by reducing administrative expenses and reducing errors related to supplies fulfillment

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Customizable Auto Supplies Management