Is iOT the answer for everything?

We are all on board with automating what can be automated when it makes sense, don’t we?

  • RMM tools in IT, informing us when a servers’ performance is not what it should be, so we don’t find out when it’s too late
  • DCA’s (Data collection Agents) to receive meters and clicks to automate billing from printers and MFPs.
  • Chips in toner cartridges telling you when the next delivery is needed
  • Self-diagnosing equipment that informs the service department that a device is broken or faulty

iOT is predicted to link 50 Billion devices by 2024, automating a lot of the data flows needed in business.

Will this solve all the problems? What about the device-user himself?

In the business world, it is difficult to estimate how many devices, services, suppliers, workers etc. are interconnected or have to connect on a regular basis, in order to “keep the place running”. It goes from simply ordering supplies at the right time, to requiring repair, a guard following up security rounds, ordering coffee refills, receiving the correct supplies and services to meeting rooms, etc.

It is also difficult to estimate how many systems are being used to connect all these suppliers and service providers with all of their customers, regarding any of the requested supplies, faulty assets, buildings, services etc. – and what this all costs.

And it is even more difficult to estimate how much manual intervention is still needed when it comes to calling, mailing, or communicating with the supplier.

Now add “control” (of cost, time, budget, …) to the above challenges and you have a perfect problem to solve. … “a perfect storm”.

If you could solve that “perfect storm” without having to eliminate the existing systems used by everyone currently, and do this by simply adding an efficient tool that would work in all kinds of circumstances, wouldn’t you start reading about it immediately?

Imagine a tool which connects all of the above systems, assets, services and suppliers, and is concentrated into one App on your smartphone. That can communicate with 2 clicks to any of the existing systems already in use, by any of the service providers concerned, which then gives you the required reporting you need to stay in control…

It’s like having one speed-dial number for all the services you need, but you can make the call in 2 seconds.

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