Y Soft Launches New Hardware Division and SafeQ Cloud Print Changes

Brno, Czech Republic and Dallas, Texas – October 9, 2018 – Y Soft® Corporation, a leading enterprise office solution provider, today announced details on YSoft SafeQ 6 use in private and hybrid cloud deployments for Azure and AWS. Additionally, the company formally introduced IOTA Hardware Division as the name of its expanding hardware business.

YSoft SafeQ 6 and Cloud Print Services Support

Customers of all sizes are moving to Cloud services for many aspects of their business, primarily to reduce server and maintenance costs. Print services, including print, copy and scan workflows, can also benefit from being entirely private Cloud-based or partially Cloud and partially on-premise, commonly referred to as hybrid Cloud or EDGE Cloud.

Whether hosted by Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services or other hosted datacenters, YSoft SafeQ’s full print management features including pull-printing, Automated Scan Workflows, copy and fax services are supported. In addition, managing the print fleet and monitoring activity through reports are supported for administrators through YSoft SafeQ’s easy to use online dashboard. Customers can also export reporting data directly into business intelligence applications such as Microsoft PowerBI or Tableau for further analysis using Y Soft provided templates. Details about how YSoft SafeQ’s architecture in the private cloud/hybrid cloud provides the same scalability, high availability and redundancy as on-premise, can be found in today’s blog post.

“The effort made in rearchitecting YSoft SafeQ 6 is paying dividends in our ability to satisfy customer’s need to move print services infrastructure to the cloud,” said Wouter Koelewijn, Y Soft Chief Product Officer. “We are able to offer YSoft SafeQ 6 cloud deployment with the same pricing and choice of license or subscription as our current on-premise offering,” he added.

“Companies of all sizes are increasingly moving information to the cloud. Y Soft’s approach to cloud-based print management and document capture provides the flexibility and scalability for IT leaders to implement the cloud computing environment that meets their needs”, said Allison Correia, Senior Analyst, Document Solutions, IDC.

The Growing Importance of Hardware – Y Soft IOTA Hardware Division

YSoft SafeQ began as an external interface to multifunction devices (MFD) before API access to MFD’s were available. Today, Y Soft still develops, tests and manufactures external terminals along with card readers, 3D printers, payment machines and lightweight server appliances; in fact, hardware represented 21% of the company’s fiscal year 2018 sales volume. With the growing IoT industry, where hardware plays a critical role, Y Soft also provides manufacturing services to its Y Soft Venture portfolio companies and can support other companies with manufacturing services. Therefore, theIOTA Hardware Division is formally named as an operating part of the company. A video showcases the IOTA Hardware Division’s manufacturing, logistical and warehousing capabilities.

To reflect its Cloud capabilities, the new IOTA Hardware Division and overall planned growth, the company redesigned its website, http://www.ysoft.com. The new site provides easy access to YSoft SafeQ Enterprise Workflow Platform software and IOTA Hardware Division products and solutions.

About Y Soft

Y Soft provides intelligent enterprise office solutions that help build smart business. Our YSoft SafeQ workflow solutions platform is used by corporations and SMB organizations to manage, optimize and secure their print and digital processes and workflows. Our 3D print solutions are focused in the Education sector where they provide unique workflow and cost recovery benefits.

Founded in 2000, the company is headquartered in Brno, Czech Republic, with offices in North and Latin America, Europe, Middle East/Africa (EMEA) and the Asia Pacific region (APAC). For more information, please visit www.ysoft.com.

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