Futurists VS Dinosaurs In-plant Panel

VIDEOS: Futurists VS Dinosaurs In-plant Panel
Exclusive videos from one of the most highly anticipated sessions this year! Held at Print 19, the session features in-plant print center leaders from the State of California, CME Group (former Chicago Mercantile Exchange) and University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. Hear:

  • What makes them futurists and their advice about how to be a futurist,
  • Get their best practices and tips for capitalizing on new opportunities and technology, and
  • Learn how they proactively adapt and position their in-plant print centers to avoid extinction like the dinosaurs.

Watch the full session, one, or all the short session videos to see these leaders share how to be a futurist versus a dinosaur.

Watch for 41 minutes now and avoid extinction!

SOURCE Rochester Software Associates

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