9 Reasons To Invest In An ERP System

By Drew Cataldo, All Covered – Enterprise Resource Planning software (ERP), if implemented correctly, supports innovation and growth within your organization. It does this by offering a range of customizable applications to enable businesses to integrate and manage their most important processes. Put simply, it is a key asset for organizations to run more efficiently. It does this by automating processes through the unification of information from disparate data sources, in a secure and easy-to-use way. ERPs can also (subject to the configuration), provide easy-to-understand trends around your business’ performance, in turn allowing better agility and efficiency when it comes to overseeing your day to day operations and strategic planning. Despite this, we see many businesses daunted by the business change required to implement an ERP. At Konica Minolta, we believe that ERPs have endless benefits for SMB organizations. Below, we’ve outlined the top 9 business benefits that we’ve encountered.


There’s no denying it, ERPs are a significant investment upfront. BUT, the right ERP will consolidate your IT costs and all around, improve efficiency. It does this by ensuring that the expenditures associated with supporting and using multiple systems are consolidated into ONE single cost, cutting spending on incompatible, different systems and the costs of supporting, maintaining and testing integrations with multiple systems. The cost benefits don’t stop there. By freeing up the dedicated staff required to focus on business growth, limiting the needs for a high number of software licenses and reducing the infrastructural support required, the cost benefit of investing in a true ERP is incalculable. Coupled with this, having only one system also reduces end-user training requirements by leveraging the same user interface for every job role across your organization rather than the hassle of adapting to different applications.

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