Managing By The Data, It’s What Leaders Do

By Ray Stasieczko – In business, everyone is accountable to someone or something. Today our teams want the ability to monitor their goals, and they want their leadership to care enough to help them establish and manage those goals. With all the technology and the abilities, most have in using it. Why are some managing their teams like it’s 1980? Today’s worker wants to succeed just as yesterday’s worker. With today’s management technologies dysfunctional trends, and ways to improve are easily defined. Many organizations do invest in data technologies the problem they neglect to implement the disciplines and processes needed to benefit from them.

“Statistical Data is where you find the proof that Emotional Data is miss-leading.”

Too many managers are ignoring data. They continue to wing their approaches to discipline they rule on emotions and are blind to facts. However, most of their team members expect and accept accountability. They are aware of their job duties and want to improve continuously. Teams and their members want to understand the value they bring to the company from what they do and how they do it, they judge and hold themselves accountable, they raise the bar on their self-improvement, are excited when data complements their work, and they accept the challenge when the data say’s improve.

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