Mobile Print Release from ecoprintQ

Works on all modern smartphones and tablets

Designed to release a print job held in queue using a smartphone or tablet such as the iPhone, iPad, and Android, anyone with a modern mobile device can access their hold-release print queue via a web browser. Specifically supported device operating systems / browsers include:

  • iPhone iOS 5 and newer (both iPhone and iPad)
  • Android ICS and newer (Chrome recommended)
  • Other modern mobile web browsers

Support for QR code printer location/lookup

Administrators can easily create QR codes for hold/release devices providing a convenient way for users to automatically select the device.

While users can search to locate a device, QR codes provide a mechanism to launch Mobile Print Release directly with the printer automatically selected. Users simply scan the QR code on the printer with their mobile, which will automatically open the mobile release queue for the scanned printer.

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MFD Integration with PaperCut through ecoprintQ