Latest Print Stats from HP’s ‘Creepers and Peekers Study’

In a recent survey, 82% of Americans admit to looking at others’ screens without them knowing.

This trend of screen creeping is not just prevalent on computer or mobile devices. In the same survey 75% would look at unclaimed documents they find left in the office printer tray. In addition, 40% who see a confidential document in the printer admit they wouldn’t just ignore it, but rather look at it and even save it by taking a picture, making a copy, or taking the document.

With 63% wishing documents didn’t print until they were standing in front of the printer, the risk of prying eyes has created an unhealthy workplace and poses a threat to workforce productivity.

Now, even more than ever customers, are looking for solutions to protect confidential data. While screen security is important, so is enabling confidential printing.

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