Andre D’Urbano Talks About RISO’s New Roll-Fed Inkjet Technology

Andre D’Urbano of RISO spoke with about their new roll-fed inkjet technology.

Intended as a solution for the transactional, direct mail and the short run book publishing markets, the RISO T2 can produce up to 320 color impressions per minute, meeting or beating the speeds of other color cut sheet inkjet devices and nearly all black and white toner-based cut sheet production machines. Its physical footprint is roughly nine times smaller than comparable speed cut sheet inkjet machines and draws anywhere from six to nine times less power.

Put this all together, and customers now have a very powerful, productive and cost-effective production inkjet solution. The T2 is an ideal system to ease more traditional print houses into inkjet production, upgrade aging toner fleets, manage short runs and reprints, provide complimentary production to existing roll-fed inkjet devices, and provide a cost-effective disaster recovery and continuity of operations solution. Driven by an Alphastream controller, the T2 will handle IPDS, PDF, PS and AFP print streams natively and drive the printer at rated speeds.

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