Q&A with CEO of ITEX, Marc Spring

ITEX Education & Exposition is the largest, most extensive trade show connecting vendors with Business Solutions Providers (BSPs), specifically Managed Service Providers, copier and printer dealers, and IT VARs. Since the show began in 2001, ITEX has provided BSPs with access to top notch, vendor-neutral education, the newest technology trends, and widely-accepted practices to help BSPs grow their businesses.

ITEX 2019 will be held at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas, on April 24-25. Below, Marc Spring, CEO of ITEX, offers some insight for the 2019 edition of ITEX.

Q. What is the focus of ITEX 2019?
A. “ITEX 2019 will continue to offer BSPs the entire tool box for success—everything from the traditional topics, such as MPS and print, software solutions, and Managed IT, to reseller automation and fantastic new opportunities in that area of ‘Smart Office.’ ITEX 2019 will offer every component to allow professionals to feel fully equipped to thrive in today’s world and ‘Own the Office, Piece by Piece.’”

Q. Since taking the show back in 2016, attendance has grown 37 percent. What did you do differently to enable this growth?
A. “One of the biggest reasons that we have seen such great growth is our dedication to delivering something different. We know that dealers have so many choices when it comes to what events they are going to travel to, giving business owners the tools to see “what’s coming” is something that no other show focuses on like us.”

Q. What co-located events take part at ITEX?
We have always prided ourselves on being able to create great partnerships. Since we started running the event again, we’ve partnered with MSP Expo (a leader in education for MSPs and IT VARs), associations (such as MPSA), dealer groups (such as Visual Edge and SDG), and vendors, such as ECi, Pros Elite, HP, and Compass, to hold their own events at ITEX. We offer free meeting space and hassle-free event planning for all of our partners and bring resellers to one place so they can attend multiple events. If a company wants to hold a dealer event at ITEX, we really help them put on the best event possible.”

What new additions will be introduced at ITEX 2019?
A. “ITEX 2019 will have major new additions. Firstly, reseller automation will have a designated area on the show floor where BSPs can connect and learn how to automate every aspect of their business—from HR to billing to workflow. ‘Smart Office’ is another huge new component this year. We’re going to feature a ‘Smart Office’ education track and include some of the biggest players in this space.”

A ‘Power Lunch’ on the expo floor will be an additional networking opportunity to connect BSPs with vendors. New networking events, more giveaways…all while taking place in good ol’ fabulous Las Vegas!”

Q. What topics will be featured during your education tracks?
A. “ITEX’s top-notch, vendor-neutral education will emphasize our all-encompassing theme, featuring every topic for Business Solutions Providers! ITEX 2019 education tracks will include:
• Reseller automation (New for 2019): Designed specifically for dealers and resellers to increase service quality, improve delivery, and lower costs.
• ‘Smart Office’ (New for 2019): Smart office technologies have been integrated in the workplace to help lower costs, make the office safer, and remotely manageable.
• Managed Print
• Managed IT
• Cybersecurity
• Telecom
• Document Management”

Q. What speakers are presenting at ITEX 2019?
A. “Our educational speakers are the top leaders in the industry! We will not be featuring speakers as much as we will be featuring dealers. It is our intention to have attendees hear from the “horse’s mouth”—the good, bad, and ugly—on the topics being lived by those in the trenches. Expect to see the most successful dealers on panels covering everything from MPS to cybersecurity and everything in between. Education is in the final steps, but we will be announcing the full education lineup within the coming weeks.”

Q. Why should BSPs attend ITEX?
A. “We all know that print is dead. That does not mean it is gone, it is just dead from a growth standpoint. ITEX helps dealers bridge the gap to figure out “what’s next” for their businesses. From the vendors who can help guide them in the business to the dealers that can engage with them to fine-tune their existing plans, ITEX has something for everyone. I think the reseller automation focus of the event will really be important for dealers looking to streamline their business. It is a great place, Las Vegas, to bring your entire team, because there is certainly something for everyone.”

“Do you need more reasons?” Marc adds. “It will be a great event, and I hope everyone comes out. Whether you are a small BSP or a large one, you will learn something new at ITEX 2019.

For inquiries about exhibiting, contact:
Todd Buckler
Director of Business Development
Attendee registration is now open. To register for a pass visit: www.itexshow.com.

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