Contactless Configuration of RFID Readers with This

TWN4 CONFIG Programmer Kit

The TWN4 CONFIG Programmer is a kit which contains an RFID writer, special contactless TWN4 Configuration Cards and an App. Project specific reader settings are configured in the App and then encoded onto the TWN4 Configuration Cards. When the programmed Configuration Card is swiped over a reader, it adopts the new settings.

The TWN4 readers inherently support over 60 RFID technologies in the 125 kHz, 134.2 kHz and 13.56 MHz frequency ranges. The TWN4 Configuration Card configures a device to read only certain technologies or frequencies. Its greatest advantage is that it can also be used to (re)program large numbers of proximity readers via air interface without disassembling the device or connecting it to a computer. This significantly reduces the configuration effort required for large-scale projects.

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