The Next-Generation Cloud Printing Software


By Brad Harker – As cloud-based solutions mature and become more suitable for enterprise-scale applications, organizations have started to look into cloud printing software that can handle the demands of fast-paced printing in large and varied environments.

Are all cloud print solutions up to the task? Not quite.

One of the first things these organizations discover is that there’s a big difference between enterprise cloud printing and cloud print management.

Printing simply means that documents get relayed from a client device to a printer—basic print functionality, in other words. Print management is about much more than that. It has to do with things like how printers are deployed, how print queues are handled, how drivers are managed, and how end users install local printers. Most cloud print solutions focus on printing at the expense of print management.

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Watch the quick video on Virtual Environments to see how straightforward and effective PrinterCloud can be for SaaS