One of the highlights from Print 17 were a number of…

Operational Excellence is No Longer Optional

By Howie Fenton -One of the highlights from Print 17 were a number of excellent presentations by leading companies who have demonstrated operational excellence. One example was presented during the Print 17 Luncheon by the managers of the Blue Valley Schools’ in-plant. In the presentation video, staff explains the benefits of a world-class workflow which included automating almost 90% of their work, allowing one person to operate four devices, resulting in savings of $1.4M.

Unfortunately, in our experience working with in-plants, we believe that as budgets decline, so does the emphasis on improving productivity. This decline in emphasis on productivity was discussed at the show in my interview with Mark Michelson, Editor-in-Chief at Printing Impressions. In this blog, we will define and explain why Operational Excellence is important for in-plants.

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