New DocuPRO app for Ricoh SOP enables easy Android-style operations

Ricoh’s Android driven Multifunctional Printers with Smart Operation Panel (SOP) bring usability benefits that will boost your workflow and operations. To offer extra operating options that will enhance your productivity and ease of use Inepro developed an embedded solution for Ricoh’s tablet-style control panel. The user-friendly and easy to operate interface for flexible and secure printing, copying and scanning also features new functionalities such as an integrated time registration system, swipe, customizable background/colours and the option to self-register as a card-user.

Secure and flexible printing, copying & scanning

Through the new graphic user interface, Inepro’s DocuPRO software solution assists in regulating, managing and securing document flows such as printing, copying and scanning. Inepro’s Embedded Client for Ricoh’s SOP will enhance your security due to extensive ID-options enabling secure release of documents via manual log-in, fingerprint or a card.

Flexible printing is offered through cloud print solution PrintMyDoc, which makes it possible to send or upload documents from any (mobile) device and print them at any mobile print gateway in your organisation. Another DocuPRO secure and flexible print solution is Follow Me&You which ensures that once a document is sent, it can be retrieved from any printer within the same group of devices. Ideal, in case a Multi Functional Printer (MFP) is unavailable.

High availability printing

In every high productive organisation, big or small, downtime of printers can cause adverse situations like an unexpected additional workload for your support- or helpdesk or a crucial loss of productivity. For organisations depending highly on maximum printing uptime DocuPRO enables users to move between devices if network connectivity is temporarily unavailable. DocuPRO enables high availability mode so users can securely authenticate and make copies. In conjunction with DocuPRO WSP even high availability printing is available.

New features including integrated time registration system

The DocuPRO Embedded Client for Ricoh SOP enables checking-in and checking-out at the Multi Functional Printer. This data can be exported via the DocuPRO software for the purpose of attendance- or time registration. The new Android based interface for Ricoh also enables users to handle tasks without the interference of a service- or support desk. DocuPRO Embedded Client for Ricoh SOP facilitates the self-service option of registering a user card yourself. With the new customize feature you can adjust the background image and colors of the user interface according to your company’s corporate identity. Besides tapping, swiping is a new option to activate various commands i.e. swipe to print, copy, scan or delete.

DocuPRO Embedded Client combined with Inepro’s new SCR708 RFID reader enables you to authenticate users at your Ricoh SOP. With the Inepro card reader app firmware updates and configurations for the SCR708 can be remotely executed. The launcher will enable you to organize your home screen efficiently.

DocuPRO Embedded Client for Ricoh SOP will be available from January 10th 2017. For more information, please visit:, e-mail or call us at +31 (0)252 744044.

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