Four Steps to Succeed In Production Print Sales

By Amy Weiss for Rochester Software Associates – There is no shortage of opportunity in the production print marketplace. Adding or expanding production print hardware, software, and services is a great way to diversify your existing portfolio with another strong revenue stream. Production print can help your business take on new customers and expand in existing accounts — not to mention help you grab a couple from the competition.

While entering or expanding your presence in the production print space requires an investment of time, energy and resources it shouldn’t dissuade the curious. Expanding your portfolio to include production print hardware, software and services is a smart business move. But don’t go in unprepared. Explore production print first to see if it’s a good match for your business model. If you do decide production print may be the right fit, here are some tips that will help your business succeed in the production print venture.

  1. Be an educator and a guide, not a salesman…

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