Umango Scanning, Extraction and Document Conversion for Education Customers

Umango is a powerful yet easy to configure and use file conversion utility. Using the setup wizard select the source of files you want to convert (there’s lots of file formats to choose from), existing folders and even scan documents from your supported MFP.

Umango can convert image files back into re-keyed text (OCR) Word, Excel and even text searchable PDF/A. The searchable PDF/A format allows you to search for a word or phrase within your converted documents.

Converted files can then be saved to a network location, to an email address, FTP or to a wide variety of document management systems ready for you to use.

Umango for Scanning and Data Extraction

Umango is a powerful, easy to use bulk document scanning solution. Umango allows you to create rules around the information you want to extract from your scanned paperwork or captured images and then uses this information to name, file and push it into a wide range of document management systems and destinations.


Let say we have a huge amount of student enrolment paperwork. With Umango we can easily create a job around capturing the student surname, first name and date of birth (DOB).

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Take a standard Office Device to a whole New Level for Scanning Documents