7 Barriers To Achieving An Efficient Print And Scan Environment

Barriers To Reaching Your Potential

Efficiency is a key focus in today’s workplace and this leads to a desire to simplify processes and enable an organization to adapt, evolve and stay competitive in the ever-changing business landscape. Rapid change can severely impact an organization’s ability to achieve its maximum levels of productivity and efficiency, and businesses often overlook printing when it comes to improving efficiencies in the workplace.

Within your scan and print environment there are a number of factors that could be creating barriers, preventing you from achieving your goals, draining costs and resources as well as creating a negative environmental impact. While some of these barriers may be obvious, others are often disregarded. Below are the top seven barriers that we have identified:

  1. Lack of visibility into costs and usage.Costs can easily spiral out of control when left unmonitored or regulated.
  2. Time consuming inefficient processes.Instead of time being spent on more important tasks, extra administration is needed from the workforce and IT departments.

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