How One of the Largest Government In-plant Print Centers is Overcoming 3 of Their Greatest Challenges

Gov’t case study- Save FTEs, stamp out waste

In this new case study, learn how one of the largest government in-plant print centers, the State of Oregon is overcoming three of their greatest challenges- reducing costs, staffing and increasing efficiencies.

Read how they use a suite of RSA solutions for maximum results, including:

  • Automation of 11,000+ jobs/ year with WebCRD™ Web to print
  • Efficiencies that free 2+ FTEs and save tens of thousands of dollars with ReadyPrint™ prepress software and SurePreview™
  • Maximum press utilization with QDirect™ output manager

“Moving to WebCRD has been a night-and-day transition,” says Joe Verardo, Customer Relations Manager, State of Oregon. “We have given so many tools back to our customers that save them time and effort.”

Download the case study to read more of the State of Oregon’s comments and see the results that RSA’s workflow software is delivering for this in-plant.

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