Catapult Your Dealership into the Future with Smart Office

By Christine Dunne, InfoTrends/Keypoint Intelligence – ITEX Education Exposition and ITEX 365 have been exploring the future of the workplace, also known as the “Smart Office”. The Smart Office encompasses similar technology implemented within the “Smart Home”, but rather, in the workplace. Large OEMs are forecasting how different trends and technologies can make the workplace safer, more efficient, and manageable remotely.

While some areas of the Smart Office spotlight office technology devices, the Smart Office also covers reseller automation, digital workflow, meetings, security and employee collaboration. Below is a summary, written by Keypoint Intelligence’s Christine Dunne, introducing the workplace of the future. 

Executive Summary

Seven OEMs in North America, BrotherCanonHPKonica MinoltaRicohSharp, and Xerox, are thinking hard about the smart workplace of the future. They are anticipating the trends that will be shaping the technology, software, and services that workers require. In addition, many have and are currently launching new offerings to bring workplaces into the coming years and decades. Some of these products and services fit squarely in the office printing realm, while others are more focused on areas like digital workflow, IT integration, and meeting and collaboration.

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How the Smart Office Can Make Your Company’s Security Air-Tight