DOCUmation and UBEO Settle Trademark Dispute

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By Kristen Mosbrucker – A case that saw longtime affiliated executives spar in federal court for several months over trademarks and sales territory deals has been settled.

DOCUmation and UBEO Settle Trademark Dispute

Ubeo LLC filed a lawsuit against San Antonio-based DOCUmation in May alleging trademark infringement by the printer and technology company. The parties agreed to drop the charges on Oct. 22 before a hearing was scheduled. The companies agreed to “dismiss all claims” and pay their own attorney’s fees.

Ubeo had previously claimed that DOCUmation signed an agreement to license the DOCUmation name to it for use in Austin, Dallas and Houston markets. DOCUmation alleged the contract was not executed because the company changed its name to Ubeo last year. DOCUmation also claimed that Ubeo hired five of its former employees since the companies split in 2017 and that Ubeo was confusing customers while disparaging the DOCUmation business in the San Antonio market.

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