How can you influence your customer’s buying decisions?

IDC have released a survey this month titled ‘Defending your business infrastructure with print security’, which provides an interesting insight into print security and why its importance should not be overlooked.

Given the average cost of a data breach incident is now estimated to exceed $800,000, plus the negative (and costly) impact these incidents cause to organizations valuable brand reputation,  it is not surprising that nearly 66% of respondents (across all sectors)  now rate a solution’s security feature set as an important influencing factor in their buying decision.

With the advancement of computing technologies, enabling employees to perform mobile and cloud printing outside of the workspace, the opportunity for confidential material to get into the wrong hands is even greater than ever before. It is important to remember that print security vulnerabilities could be within the device, network or at the data/document level, so all these areas should be fully reviewed and an appropriate solution selected.

FollowMe®by Ringdale has received BLI’s 2018 Pick award as THE outstanding data loss prevention (DLP) solution. “For organizations looking for a complete solution to handle secure printing with integrated DLP, for office and mobile printing applications, FollowMe is an excellent choice,” says Buyers Lab.

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