NT-ware Enterprise Solutions Acquires the COSMOS Business

NT-ware Systemprogrammierungs-GmbH announces the recent transition of the COSMOS business from Canon Europe to NT-ware Enterprise Solutions GmbH in Stuttgart, which is a 100% subsidiary of NT-ware. The official acquisition date is August 1, 2019

NT-ware, developers of the leading print and scan management applications uniFLOW and uniFLOW Online, aim to strengthen its already powerful software portfolio into the enterprise space, and benefit from the high knowledge and skill set of the COSMOS employees.

COSMOS – taking control of business-critical document processes

The COSMOS software is a highly flexible workflow management application that can equip customers with a secure, unified and well-managed document input and output processing system. It can help embrace digital delivery systems, enhance customer information, and integrate all critical document processes into one streamlined system. Customers can leverage their existing software tools and processes by allowing COSMOS to centrally control multiple processes through them. With bi-directional communication, results are monitored, checked and validated. Improving customers’ competitive edge and shortening customer response times.

COSMOS is ideal for applications across a wide range of industries, including manufacturing, banking, insurance and logistics. With its certified SAP connections COSMOS can accept, analyze and transfer any data output from the SAP Output Management System and convert it into nice looking documents before they are sent for printing or email distribution. All data output is accurately routed and tracked by COSMOS.

Stronger together

By adding COSMOS to its portfolio and investing in its future, NT-ware expands its base in the enterprise and production print market segment. Furthermore, by integrating some of the advanced COSMOS technologies, like the highly flexible workflow engine and enterprise ERP connections, into uniFLOW on-premise and its public cloud solution, uniFLOW Online, NT-ware can expand their enterprise reach as well.

‘By integrating the COSMOS product and technology in our core products uniFLOW and uniFLOW Online, and by utilizing our proven support structures, we have the opportunity to expand the COSMOS business globally,’ says Karsten Huster, President and CEO of NT-ware. ‘In addition, COSMOS customers can profit from uniFLOW technology becoming available in COSMOS, and from NT-ware’s experience in developing public cloud solutions.’

About NT-ware

NT-ware, a Canon Europe company, now employs more than 160 people, spread across offices in Bad Iburg, New York, Singapore and Tokyo. With more than 20 years of experience, NT-ware develops the market leading print and scan management applications uniFLOW and uniFLOW Online, and closely collaborates with Canon on future developments.

For any questions please contact marketing@nt-ware.com.


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