Elatec participates at the Sharp Pulse 17 show in Phoenix

Elatec participated at the Sharp Pulse 17 and was strategically located next to software solution providers such as Drivve, ROI Print Manager, Printer Logic and Ringdale. All these software solution providers are very familiar with Elatec and even some of these software providers had Elatec card readers connected to their software at the show to present a complete solution consisting of authentication and print release with RFID Technology.

Elatec showed many various ways to connect a card reader to the Sharp devices such as mounting brackets, side brackets, integrated readers under the covers as well as personalized inlays for the solution providers.

The booth had tremendous activity, displayed was the TechTracerLite (analyzer tool), card configuration kit, readers and TCP Converter. Demos consisted of programming the readers as an analyzer tool and retuning it back to a reader. There was even a demo of the TechTracerLite connected to an Android phone to read the card technology that was simply amazing.

Elatec, although relatively new in the US Market, continues to show its superior technology and its flexibility to work with the MFP manufacturers as its technology seems to be pulling ahead of its competition. This is one company to keep an eye on.

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TechTracerLite RFID on Android phone VIDEO