eesyQ December 2017 Blog Highlights

Hi, it’s Jonathan again!

2017 has certainly been a busy year for all of us, with lots of changes in the industry, mostly from consolidation and acquisitions.

Below is a selection of blog posts form November, but for December I thought we would change things up a bit. Instead of us writing what we think is trending and newsworthy, how about YOU tell us what you want to hear about in our December edition?


  1. Rise of the home and remote worker:
    • Increasingly we are being asked to include provision for home and remote workers in MPS projects and tenders. What does this mean for your offering and service operation, how do they cope, remain competitive, profitable and unique?
  2. IoT and the dark asset:
    • Why is the most important assets in the workplace dark? How can you tap into this hidden resource and make improved profits and growth
  3. Other:
    • Your choice of topic here

Drop me a line by email or text with your topic choice.


What an amazing-kind-of-energy here at the IT Nation ConnectWise first day!!

Massive Call Center & operational savings by integrating eesyQ with ConnectWise

Is IoT the answer for everything?

Okay, I’ll leave you with that for now.

eesyQ benefits again:

  • We can save you approximately £5-6000 / engineer / year
  • Improve support for the end-customer by giving them a single application for all their assets and services
  • 2-click for the end-customer to report technical issues.
  • Reduce reliance and costs of call center operations.
  • Sell your services directly to the end-customer through the eesyQ mobile application
  • Generate extra revenue and up-sell within your existing accounts
  • Differentiate your MPS offering and win more deals using eesyQ Maps (2D Floor plans)

More Info about eesyQ Mobile

More info about eesyQ Maps

Take a look at our new offerings and start saving and winning today.

Have a great day – and talk soon!

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