Selling Managed IT Services? These Three Questions Will Tank Your Credibility

By Matt Lacina, GreatAmerica – I was blown away when I first attended a seminar to learn about Managed IT. I wanted to better understand what my Dealers were experiencing when they set out to sell Managed IT Services. Back when I attended in 2017, it was the 4th year GreatAmerica had hosted the Sales Simplicity Seminar presented by Alex Rogers, CEO of CharTec. Initially, I expected the training to bear similarities to my GreatAmerica sales training. I was looking forward to getting first-hand knowledge from Alex, widely considered one of the best consultants in the industry, but I learned so much more than I expected!

Alex is energetic and extremely passionate about helping Office Equipment Dealers be more successful. He was quick to challenge the Dealers in the room to become a trusted advisor to their customers and think critically about their business and sales structure. One of the first steps in building trust is to improve the way to ask your questions.

Below are three questions your sales reps might ask your customers and suggested improvements that build credibility:

Question #1 – How Old Is Your Equipment?

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