Yet Another Internal Healthcare Breach Has Been Reported

US Healthcare patients in Nebraska are currently being warned of a data breach. It appears an employee has accessed highly confidential patient records between July and October of this year, when they were not authorized to do so. The full extent of the breach, including the number of patients affected is still unclear, however hospital officials do not believe the information was misused.

Unfortunately healthcare related breaches are all too common at present, with many being reported daily. Forbes recently publicized that 58% of healthcare system breaches involve internal personnel who use their authorized credentials to perform the breach, making it even harder to detect data breaches in this industry.

In fact between 2017 and 2018, paper related incidents in the healthcare sector equated to the highest number of data breaches, at 47%. This is not surprising considering HP’s recent ‘Creepers and Peekers’ study revealed that 75% would look at unclaimed documents left in a print tray, and 40% would save confidential data by taking a picture, making a copy, or taking the document.

From reviewing the data above, it is apparent that healthcare organizations need to take urgent action to assess their current solutions and monitoring capabilities in place for their office printing processes.

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SOURCE Ringdale

Over 93% of Healthcare Organizations have Suffered a Data Breach in the Past 5 Years