Three Questions to Explore to Build a Data-Driven In-plant in 2020

By Ryan McAbee for Rochester Software Associates – The last quarter of 2019 is a busy one! There are deadlines, holidays, and a general push to close out activities before the end of the year. This quarter is also a perfect time to begin planning your 2020 initiatives.

This quarter I offer three questions about data to explore for your in-plant to plan for 2020. We’ll visit each of these in-depth throughout the year to help keep you on track.

Keypoint Intelligence – InfoTrends sees data as a critical part of the printing industry’s future, so here are three questions to contemplate now before we dig into the specifics of our “Data-driven In-plant” tips series for 2020.

Questions about Your Data to Explore for 2020

  1. What information is critical to the success of your in-plant?
    There are hundreds of decisions made in an in-plant on any given day. Many of those decisions, such as ordering paper, are effortless because an established procedure is being followed. Other decisions, such as adding new equipment, require more examination and diligence. Then there are critical business decisions to support customers and enable growth, such as evaluating new services to add. All these decisions can and should be influenced and based on factual information – data.

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SOURCE Rochester Software Associates

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