Sharp MX-4060N Earns 4.5 Stars!

The DataMaster Certificate is issued after analyses of series of jobs in copy, print and scan modes reflecting real-world, commercial use of this machine.

Study of the complete set of results allows the productivity, quality, usability, flexibility, functions and environmental aspects of the equipment to be judged.

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Evaluations are based on a market context at time of testing, and results are weighted according to the requirements of different segments of the market.

DataMaster‘s analyses and assessments are completely independent. Five-star certificates are extremely rare. To attain five stars, not only must the equipment under test demonstrate an excellent performance in most categories, but must have no major weakness in any of the evaluation criteria.

Machines’ evaluation certificates and the corresponding rosette badges (as well as those for other machines in the range with the same print engine, plus any rebadged machines sold by other brands) can all be downloaded for FREE from The radar chart, the detailed results of productivity tests and other comparison tools are available on the DMO website, accessible by subscription.

Ricoh MP 3504SP Earns 4.5 Stars